End Point Assessment Service

Sable Leigh Consultancy (SLC) is approved and registered by NSAR (National Skills Academy-Rail) as an End Point Assessment Organisation for Train Driver Level 3 Apprentice Programme (ST0645).

What is the End Point Assessment?

End Point Assessment (EPA) is the final assessment for an apprentice to ensure that they can do the job they have been training for. EPA is separate to any other assessments that the apprentice may have undertaken during the on-programme stage of the apprenticeship. The EPA is conducted by industry professionals from an impartial third-party organisation, deemed competent and qualified to do so by The National Skills Academy.

All SLC Operations End Point Assessments for the Train Driver Level 3 Apprentice Programme are carried out by licensed, qualified and active train drivers.

The End Point Assessment Process

Pre- Assessment Tasks:

  • The Apprentice reaches gateway and SLC are informed they have been selected as EPAO by the training provider.
  • The Apprentice details are sent to SLC Operations EPA team and reviewed.
  • SLC Operations (SLCO) team will set a provisional EPA date and an assessor and back-up assessor will be appointed.
  • SLCO will communicate the provisional date to the training provider and will give access to the Learning Management System, guidance notes, policies and procedures and mock materials to the Apprentice via their email address.
  • The assessor will send an online meeting invite to the apprentice.
  • Once the Apprentice has accepted the invite, the assessor will schedule a call with the apprentice 24 hours before the EPA.
  • During the pre-EPA call, the assessor will complete the ‘Pre EPA’ checklist and carry out an IT check. SLCO will upload details to the apprentice’s secure file.

Assessment Delivery:  

  • On the day of the EPA, the Assessor will be ready not less than 20 minutes prior to the agreed assessment time.
  • The Assessor will recount and confirm the assessment plans and inform the apprentice that certain parts of the assessment will be recorded.
  • The Assessor will complete the ‘fitness for EPA’ checklist with the apprentice and once they are satisfied with the results, the Assessor will conduct the EPA as follows:
    • Workplace Observation/Simulation scenarios for Defective on Train Equipment and Emergency Working.
    • Professional Discussion
    • Online Test

Post Assessment Tasks:

  • The Assessor will give initial feedback to the apprentice at the time.
  • The Assessor will formally write out and record feedback. This feedback will then be provided to the candidate in line with EPA criteria.
  • SLCO will sample and review assessments.
  • SLCO will upload feedback within 48 business hours.
  • SLCO will upload the result to Government gateway and if a pass has been recorded, a certificate will be requested.

Policy Links:

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