New Driver Training

From Street to Seat in around 26 weeks


It has been estimated over the next few years there will be a requirement for at least 2,000 new train drivers in the UK.  This number is fuelled in part by the need to replace the many drivers reaching retirement age;  but also to meet demand from new railways such as HS2; and support vast driver training programs resulting from infrastructure projects and new rolling stock introduction.

SLC Operations through its training division The Rail Academy is an ORR registered and approved Train Driver Training and Examination Centre.  We are also a licensed train operator who employs, trains and qualifies our own train drivers.

All our train driver training activities are fully compliant with the Train Driver Licensing and Certification Regulations 2010 (TDLCR 2010).

With a growing team of qualified, experienced Mentor Train Drivers and Train Driver Instructors, we can:

  • Train groups of up to 8 competent driver trainees, using a client’s own validated course, from street to seat in around 26 weeks (250 in seat driving hours);
  • Help deliver established new driver training activities and programs;
  • Train new train drivers in Part A, including practical elements, and sponsor their licence applications.  This can be done at our Kings Norton Academy or on a client’s site;
  • Supervise Part B new driver hours accumulation, instruction and assessment using rolling stock provided by clients or procured by us;
  • Provide DIs and mentor drivers to support in house Part B new driver training;
  • Conduct RBTNAs, work with in house training teams and local union reps.

If you need a trusted and experienced train driver training partner, contact us at and tell us what you need.  We will work with you to find the right solution for you.


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