Route & Traction Knowledge

SLC Operations maintains route and traction knowledge for all Driver and Guard hire.

The route knowledge that all our Drivers and Guards maintain as Core Routes are illustrated on the the map in Green.

A small number of our Drivers and Guards hold more extensive Secondary Route knowledge illustrated on the map in Orange.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy provide you with the most up to date information.


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Note: Updated December 2021

Diesel Traction

(Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia)

Class 08/09/12/13

Class 20

Class 37

Class 43 (HST)

Class 47

Class 50

Class 66

Class 67

Class 68

Class 70

Multiple Units: DMU/EMU/BMU

(Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia)

Class 141 to 144 (Pacer Family)

Class 150 to 156 (Sprinter Family)

Class 165 & 168

Class 170 & 172

Class 220 to 222 (Voyager Family)

Class 230 (All Variants including BEMU)

Class 319

Class 321

Class 323

Class 325

Class 350

Class 365

Class 438 / 4TC

Class 484

Class 769

Yellow Plant & On-Track Machinery

(Photographs courtesy of Wikipedia)

MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)